Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little Rock Tourism

Making a pamphlet for tourism in Little Rock proved to be a little bit difficult. At first I struggled finding places to mention. Then I found too many to list and include much information. Of course, I think one of the best things Arkansas has to offer are the Arkansas State Parks. If I were to make a brocure for the state, I think it would include some of the top State parks.

But this was just for Little Rock, and the surrounding area. Of course Pinnacle Mountain made it. Hopefully this will be a success in class on Friday after spending three to four hours working on it. The following is what I came up with. Keep in mind it will need to be printed on two sides and folded.

The right column is the front, the center is the back and the one on the left will be folded inside.

This will be the inside when it is fully opened.

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