Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paying Cash

I had a nice scare this morning which has lead to a change in plans, but at least this one was nothing compared to my experience in London.

Tomorrow I will go to Madrid to visit a friend. I am taking the train to get there. I was trying to buy my ticket online because it is between two busy cities and I expected it to fill up pretty fast. But three times it wouldn't allow me. So I wrote down all the information: the train number, time, departure, number, seat number, ID number, etc. Then I went to the Sants station to try and pay in person, thinking it was just the online bank verification failing.

After I finally found the ticket window, grabbed a number and waited ten minutes it was my turn. My card was declined twice more. The ticket counter didn't know why it was being declined. So I crossed my fingers and went to an ATM. My card worked in the ATM so I took out enough cash to pay for the ticket and once again crossed my fingers that they would accept cash. I was able to get my ticket.

By the time it was all taken care of (20 minutes of waiting, 20 minutes of trying to to figure out how to get there through all of the tunnels), I had already missed the start time of my next adventure which was at 2 p.m. So now I am going to get on the Metro and go to some random stops just to see where they take me and if there is anything interesting. Being a Sunday a lot of stuff may be closed. At 8 p.m. I will see a diferent film, "Castillos Encantados," or Enchanted Castles, in 3D at the Imax.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped for lunch. Once again I had paella (my third time having Paella in the last two months), and I ordered "Pan con tomate" which is literally bread with tomato but it said it was typical of this region, and it was the cheapest tapa.

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