Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yesterday night, I ate out at the first real Spanish restaurant I've eaten at since being in Spain. Up until that point it had been cafe-bars, fast food joints, pizza shops, and foreign foods. I didn't go hungry.

I only knew a few of the things I was eating. The first time I came to Spain, in 2006, I said I would try any food once. (I pretty much stuck to that, except for the one time I got shrimp and squeezed the brain out all over my plate.) I even ate some shrimp, head and all.

I ordered the menu of the day, a Pepsi and a tapa. The first plate was the tapa and two pieces of bread with a tomato sauce (similar to a very bland Mexican salsa). Then came the first part of the main course, a plate of vegetables served with a Catalan sauce. I know there was tomato, asparagus, what looked like a giant green bean, along with some other unidentified objects.

Then came the final plate, "Dorada," which also came with half of a potato, a tomato and piece of asparagus. The fish was flat, fairly large and reminded me of a fish we had fished for in Ne,w Jersey. One side still had scales, both sides still had eyes which were cooked also. I did not eat the head. In fact, I had a hard time getting through half of the fish. I was stuffed when the last plate came.

After finishing the meal, the waiter asked if I wanted dessert or anything to drink. I couldn't eat another bite, or drink. It was a little awkward having someone standing there watching the entire time through. The total cost of the meal was less than 30 euros. I may skip on dining out today or I may just eat a small lunch out. I feel like I have probably gained a lot of the weight I had lost back this weekend.

Oh, and by the way, "Dorada," translates to "Gilthead bream," which is supposed to be a very good sea bream.

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