Saturday, December 3, 2011

Metro Music

I love traveling to the cities, even if I am more of a country person myself. I easily get lost in the cities; buildings block the sun and it is very easy to get turned around, especially when the streets are not numbers. I think I walked in three big circles today because one of the roads, properly named "Diagonal," goes diagonally through the area. Well, they may have been more like triangles than squares, but still.

I paid about 12 dollars in metro fares so far today getting around town. I bought the all-day card, but for some reason it malfunctioned at one of the smaller stations so I had to buy a single pass back to the hotel area where I was able to talk to an agent and, although I didn't get a refund, I was able to get a new day-pass.

The metro is much easier than the "tube" in London was. It is much more like the metro in Washington D.C. I still got lost at first. No matter what direction I think I am going, I am always wrong. But something else metro stations have in common, no matter what city you are in, seems to be musicians. Some people probably are annoyed by them. But I realy enjoy their presence. Yes, they have a cup and asking for money, but they are actually working for the money rather than simply begging. And the music is enjoyable.

I actually saw one person being different today. Rather than simply playing in the tunnels, he was actually on one of the metro trains playing. His cup was at least three-quarters full with a more enclosed audience, and it was nice entertainment.

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