Thursday, July 22, 2010

By the numbers

I was asked at my internship the other day to count up some of the stuff that I have done on the job. While at my internship I have written about 1 story per week (and rising). I have taken about 10 photos that have been published. I have edited more than 10 stories from reporters around the world.

My photos and stories have been picked up by print and online publications. More than five Army newspapers have run my work. More than six websites (other than websites) have run my stories.

It has been a great experience. This past week has been very busy. Just this week I have had two stories written and posted. I did an interview today. I also had an interesting time getting the run around in the bureaucracy. I have to tell that story before I continue.

I accept another story this morning and with it I have two source recommendations made to me. I call the first source who says he is not the right person to comment and he referred me to another office. I wrote the name down and called another source. The number had been changed but I called the new number. They told me they were not the correct organization and referred me to another. After going through this a while I feel like my options are exhausted. I call OCPA. They tell me to call the PAO for the Secretary of the Army. I do that. The PAO tells me to call OCPA. That was a lot of help. But it was a funny story to tell. [I found a source, they just wouldn't ever answer the phone so the story is on hold.]

Anyway, in addition to the two that I wrote this week, I am working on three others. One I should have done by Monday afternoon. The other two I just hope to get interviews before Tuesday. Wednesday is my last day but I have a feeling I might work from my apartment some on Thursday and send an email with my last file or two.

I have learned a lot from my internship. It was an amazing experience. I have to write a paper for my school on it and I will post that as a blog in later weeks.

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