Saturday, July 10, 2010


This post is not going to be exactly like all the others. In the past I have tried to pick one thing to focus on. That won't be the case in this blog entry. There is too much to say.

To begin, it has been a long week. Here in IPJ we just started a new class: Economics. Here are a few quotes and paraphrases from what was said the first day of class.

"Physics is bad, Economics is worse." - Professor Rose said this saying that Economics is much harder than physics. Bad sign. I was bad at physics when I had it in high school, not even a university level. University level, I refused to take it.

Then he talked about how if you didn't know (or weren't good) at certain things, "you're screwed."

The first day of class wasn't a confidence booster, going into a class I already felt like I was doomed to fail. I've read the professor's ratings on "Rate My Professor," a website where students can go on and post comments about how their professors did. It wasn't good. And he lived up to a lot of the bad things that were written. But, I do agree to some extent with him.

He said "I'm not hard, economics is hard." He said he is probably one of the easiest economics teachers. Well, I will definitely agree that Economics is hard. There are too many formulas and mathematical equations and graphs. They confuse me. Then there are questions people ask which have nothing to do with what we are talking about...Just let the man teach already. Ask those questions after class or something. Now I understand why some of the bad comments were on the RMP page, and don't think they're fair. He shouldn't have to answer some of those questions. They are simply distractions.

I'm not saying its an easy class, or that the teacher is necessarily that easy. Which, Economics is hard in the first place. This is Georgetown, its got to be even harder. I've read comments on some of the teachers at ASU. "This professor ruined my life." It isn't just this one professor.

Tuesday I got very friendly with public transportation. I spent half of my work day commuting on Wednesday. I had an interview close to Fort Belvoir in Virginia with a veteran named Jack Doody. He participated in the beginning of the Korean War in the 1950's. The thing is, no trains run that far. I got off the train at Crystal City, the normal stop. Then I walked a block to a bus. I spent about 45 minutes on the bus before arriving at a transfer point where I caught another bus. The Fairfax Connector bus took me the rest of the way, in another 45 minutes or so.

I did the interview. It was great, not much of an interview at all really. It was more like sitting down with a grandpa and listening to his war stories. Mr. Doody showed me maps of the area and told me background on the war. He was very helpful. I asked a few questions as we walked back toward the office, but the majority was just him talking about his experiences. Then it was another long bus commute back to the office. At least on the way back I had something to do. I took out my laptop on the bus and began writing. I was just that into writing the story. It was a really fun one to write, not like work at all.

I enjoyed listening to his story, and another veteran's story, Phil Burke's. Burke was a medic during the war. The story ran on the website today: Task Force Smith members reflect on war experiences.

Also Thursday, we had a study group after Economics. I think it helped a lot, but I still don't feel very confident in my Economic analysis abilities. The test ended up being moved to next Friday.

Now we get to the real fun stuff. After returning from work today, Devon, one of my roommates, Jacob, another TFAS student, and I went Kayaking. Two of us had been before, the other hadn't. But it was a blast. Jacob and I went to Roosevelt Island. We were determined to see the monument so we went all the way to the pedestrian bridge. There we pulled our kayaks up on shore and hiked in a short distance to the monument.

Después, Danny y yo fuimos al restaurante mexicano. ¡Hablé en español con el camisero! Pide dos enchiladas, un con queso y el otro con pollo. Comí  un flan después de la cena.

(Afterward, Danny and I went to a Mexican restaurant. I spoke in Spanish with the waiter(s)! I ordered two enchiladas, one with cheese and the other with chicken. I ate a flan after dinner.)

After leaving the restaurant we walked outside and it was poring rain. We ran to a bus stop and I realized I had plastic shopping bags in my backpack. I took one and put my phone in it and tied it. Then the rain pretty much stopped. It hasn't rained here in a while. Its nice we finally got some and it was at night instead of in the day. We walked to the grocery store after giving up on the bus ever coming.

It was a fun night and a nice break from studying Economics which I will have to do tomorrow.

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