Friday, July 30, 2010

TFAS Alumni

Today was the official end of an amazing eight weeks doing just as The Fund for American Studies phrase says, "Live. Learn. Intern." We wrapped up today with the program "graduation." Tonight is the party which I may or may not be able to attend.

It has been an amazing eight weeks. It went by so fast and seemed like such a short amount of time. When I think back at all I was able to do though, I realize how much I really did in that small amount of time... There was a bike tour of the city, some geocaching, revisiting a few of the monuments and Arlington Cemetery, seeing a few monuments I hadn't seen before, doing a night tour of the monuments, art museums, white house, capital, Newseum, Library of Congress, National Archives, National Geographic, National Zoo, Spy Museum, Makiykumanta, and other things. It was a full eight weeks.

I was able to make new friends, and do some networking. I was able to learn a lot from my classes an internship. I just wish it could have been a little longer. It will be nice to see all my Arkansas friends in a few weeks though.

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