Saturday, July 3, 2010

Transfer Please

I have had some issues with Metro Bus when I need to get somewhere by a certain time, or I am in a rush. But when there is something that I don't have to be at by a certain time and can move at a slower pace Metro Bus is amazing!

Yesterday I spent three dollars in transportation. I got on the wrong bus and ended up close to Woodley Park and the Zoo. I got off, found another bus and took it to about a mile from my destination (Fords Theatre) and then walked the rest of the way. I went in the theatre got my ticket and did not even have to wait in a line because it was just me.

Then I walked to the National Archives where I was able to see the constitution, the bill of rights, the Magna carta, and the declaration of independence to name a few of the documents on display. Of course, all of that walking and standing in line meant I lost my transfer.

But I waited on a friend to metro down and then we met up and took a Circulator Bus (which ended up being free because the machine was broken) in the direction of the Library of Congress. Unfortunately the bus randomly terminated or we took it in the wrong direction or we just missed our stop. I still don't know. But we ended up at the water front and decided to stay in that area and just walk because we did not know when the LOC closed.

I felt like I should have heard seagulls around the marina. There were a ton of Yachts. Then we came to an area where there was a lot of fresh seafood restaurants. It smelled good. It was tempting but we kept walking. We walked all the way to the Washington Monument and then waited on a bus. The bus, costing $1.50 took us to Columbia Heights where we went to Target.

After Target we caught two Circulators and walked back to Georgetown. I put my milk up, found a restaurant and made reservations for 9:30. So the two of us catch another bus back toward Dupont where we catch another friend on the way. We pass the metro transfer stop by one. We got off the bus, crossed the street, waited on the next bus to come through and then got on. We went one stop to the other side of Dupont.

Then we walked north and caught the L4 bus and went a stop or two to the north. We exited the bus and then sat at the bus stop hoping another would come around. It didn't. So we walked to the restaurant. We got there 15 minutes early and they were able to seat us.

After dinner we caught two more buses to Wisconsin Avenue where we had desert. After that we caught a bus to downtown DC. We walked for awhile then transferred to another bus. We got off a few stops later and walked to Union Station where we dropped one person off. Then the two of us caught the D6 bus from Union Station all the way back to Georgetown.

That is a total of about 14 buses I rode for a total of three dollars. It was about 12 hours of fun in DC. Riders can transfer up to 2 hours for free. If that were not the case all of that riding would have cost more than 20 dollars! Next time, maybe I will take the Circulator first which would cost a dollar to get on, saving an extra 50 cents.

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