Monday, July 26, 2010

Change of Major?

Often college students enter without an idea what to major in. Some declare a major and decide to change it before they get too far in. Others change it a year from graduation and are delayed.

I was one of those who declared a major coming in. I was majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. That is still the case, although I used a lot of electives for Spanish and have decided to double major. It means an extra semester, but who cares.

There has not been a semester where I don't think whether I am on the right path. I got from hating it one day to liking it the next and back to hating it. My internship has showed me that even in the real world, it is often the same way. I've enjoyed writing some of the softer stories. I have really enjoyed feature writing which is something I used to hate. But almost every news story I have written has had to have major modifying.

I have heard that some of editors at my school newspapers did not like my writing but I won't take them seriously. They're just students themselves. Others say they like it. My plan is to talk to the editor on Wednesday and ask him if he feels I have improved much since starting. If his answer is no, or just a little, I feel I should reconsider where I am heading. It may involve talking to more than one person.

I may end up being one of those people that change their majors late in the game, but lucky for me, I have a second major to fall back on. I may continue both and have a communications background, but maybe this is God's telling me that Journalism isn't the field he has in store for me. I guess I will find out soon.

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