Saturday, July 3, 2010

Russian Cuisine

When I think of Russia, it is generally of the accent. I can't help but think of the character in Armageddon as he says, "This is how we fix things in Russia," as he begins to bang on some equipment.

Friday night I had the opportunity to change some of that. Some of my friends and I went to the Russian House to try something new: Russian food. I have to say it tasted great!

I really enjoyed the food. I really liked the atmosphere. I really did not like the cost. A small portion of almost everything cost at least 12 dollars. But the staff was friendly. The music seemed to all be traditional Russian music. It was a great experience.

Because of the high prices we decided to go elsewhere for dessert, which was a necessity because we did not get a lot of food for the money. A dessert cost eight dollars!

We ended up going to Dolcezza Gelato. My intention was originally to get a Churro. My friends wanted me to try gelato though, which ended up being a good thing because they'd sold out of churros. It was another new food. It was pretty good but not nearly as good as the Pelmini I had for dinner.

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