Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have no clue where I am going when I graduate. It is only three semesters away. I've been thinking about it and what my options are. Some options are combinations.

1) Go to Spain - I would really like to do an assistantship for up to three years in Spain. I would be helping teach English, while improving my Spanish at the same time. Other options while I am there include finding a part time job to go along side the assitantship, earning some extra money to live on, and more opportunities to use my Spanish. I have also heard graduate school is a lot cheaper and faster in Spain.

2) Attend a graduate program in the United States - Eventually I will get tired of writing for a career. I would really like to go back and teach Journalism to college students at that point. But the question is: Do I go to graduate school now or later? I am leaning toward later if at all possible. I attended a graduate school seminar this morning that talked about applying, and test scores. I have done no preparation yet but I might have to get started if I plan on this option. Not to mention the added level of difficulty once I am in.

3) Work - Another really good option is to find a job right out of college. I would love to just start working when I graduate. Even so, where do I begin? Do I want to do foreign reporting? Maybe I can do that assitantship in Spain and freelance during it. Do I want to write for a local paper in Arkansas or try to go somewhere else? Do I want to go to a magazine, a newspaper or online publication?

There are so many opportunities and these are only three of them. I have even considered going to seminary after I graduate. The question is: Which option is going to be the best option? I am sure God will let me know when the time comes but it is interesting to think how many doors are open.

A college degree, extra-curricular activities, and special opportunities to further education open a lot of doors for the future.

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