Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daisy State Park

If you know me, you know how much I like the outdoors. One of my favorite activities is camping and the Arkansas State Parks are one of the best places to go in Arkansas. Whether you love to hike, camp, picnic, swim, boat, or just relax you can do it all in one of the many Arkansas State Parks.

I just got back from camping at Daisy State Park and have to say it was probably at the bottom of my list when ordering the parks I have visited from favorite to least favorite. There was still a lot to do, but the campground itself was not the best.

The campsites were literally on top of each other. Cars lined the street, parked on both sides. It was difficult to get around and a little dangerous for pedestrians because they were not visible around all the traffic. The campsites were supposed to be big enough for a trailer and a tent-- ours was barely. The tent was almost in the road after the trailer was pulled in. And the vehicle had to be parked a few blocks down the street.

There was no designated swimming area. We didn't let that stop us. We went to the bottom of our camp area to swim. And after a day of digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds, the water felt great.

Although it wasn't my favorite park, it was nice to get away. And I was sad to leave.

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