Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I have been hearing stories all week on KLOVE where people call in and share the difference their dad has made in their life. I haven't called in, nor will I but I will write this blog (which will actually be two blogs in one post).

My viewpoint growing up and now are so different from each other. When I was a child I got spankings. I got grounded. I told my parents that I hated them. I thought it was cruel. But now, I realize all those times my dad took off his belt and all those time he sent me to my room and grounded me, he was teaching me. He taught me discipline.

Now I realize he did the right thing. One day I will find myself in the same situation and I am sure my kids will think the same things I did. But it is not only an important lesson to learn for life, but faith also. My dad's "tough love" can parallel God's.

God loves us. But he also has to discipline us. There our consequences to our actions, some worse than others.


Part 2:

I saw this video a long time ago and for some reason it came to my mind. I hope no fathers reading this ever have to make a tough decision like this. But our Heavenly father did. He sent his Son, knowing that he would bear the punishment for the sins of the entire world.

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