Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Letter!

Today I had an unexpected visitor at work. During lunch I was thinking about the topic. About 3 this afternoon I got a text from my Dad. Now, I don't usually use my phone while at work but because it was from my Dad and I happened to see it come through, I looked. He asked what time I got of work and told me he could come by at 4. I told him that was ok and if he talked to the security guard in the center of the building they would ring me.

Sure enough they did. Why visit me at work? The same reason I was thinking at lunch. I was thinking, "My dad works in Little Rock too. So, why not ask him to bring my mail to work with him and meet during lunch break or something."

Have you guessed what it is yet? For those who read regularly, you should. For anyone who hasn't--It was my letter from Spain. I held in the excitement until I got off at 5. But one of the first things I did when I got in my car after work was open the letter. I didn't read it but skimmed it to see what city I would be in. I will be in the city I really wanted, about an hour from Sevilla. A 30 euro round trip from Madrid. My city is: Huelva.

So, I get to teach in a somewhat small city. I get to be close to one of my favorite cities in Spain. I will have a few connections including during the second half, my girlfriend may be on the other side of the same city. Now if I can just get the Spanish Consulate in Houston (my designated consulate) to respond to an email or answer the phone...


  1. Your girlfriend may be in the same town... you should definitely go there first, otherwise I go to Thailand lol.

  2. instead of "Unknown" your blog should be titled "all about my relationship with my girlfriend" :P


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