Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Steps

I have found one thing out for sure, I definately do not have the money to spend a lot of time at the bars. Things are gradually getting better but the important things are still difficult. I am trying to simply remember "Don't worry about tomorrow for today holds enough troubles."

I am doing my best not to stress about language barriers or my lack of experience. My appointment with the government is Oct. 25, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. I will get there at 8 a.m. In the meantime I need to make copies and will be lucky enough to have someone else to talk to about the process. She is going for her appointment tomorrow.

Each day is better than the previous. I enjoy it more as I get to know my colleagues and their different styles. I have been in two math classes and a science class so far. I will be working with the P.E. teacher tomorrow and an English class.

This semester I am working with 3rd and 4th grade. Another difference in cultures. Here 4th grade is the equivalent of about 10th grade in the United States. And 3rd grade is about like 8th grade in the United States. Those comparisons are based on age, not material.

I have been having to relearn the material myself and expect to be doing homework fairly often, refreshing my own memory in different topics, especially math and science. My first day on the job was just a math class and it was a little awkward talking about only geography. So last night after the five-hour meeting I came home and worked some more. I was able to work in some math-related topics during my introduction such as unit conversions and currency conversion.

Although I am a little nervous right now, I really look forward to being able to work with the students and teachers. It will be a learning experience for all of us.

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