Saturday, October 8, 2011


The first week of class is behind me. I am pretty excited. I already have a couple of ideas for some of the classes. Hopefully they work out and fit within the lesson plans.

Everyone at the school is very nice. Thursday I was leaving at the same time as another teacher who offered to give me a ride. Friday I was waiting at the bus stop and another one of the teachers saw me sitting there and gave me a ride back to Huelva. During breaks the language is pretty much Spanish. There are some who speak English, but the majority do not. It gives me an opportunity to practice my Spanish.

I have been doing some work this weekend which has helped fill in some of those times of boredom. It also catches me back up on some of the hours I missed this past week. I just finished making a pdf file for the bulletin board. I am still able to put my journalism background to use, even if not in the typical way.

In about two weeks I will have to go through the dreaded immigration process to get my NIE. My colleague went through it this past week and already warned me it is no fun. It took her the entire day to do what should be a relatively simple task. She gave me a few pointers though so hopefully it will be a little smoother when I go.

On another note, I was browsing for protestant churches earlier and I found a Baptist church in Huelva. It is on the other side of town from here, but the service is at 11:30. If I leave here at 10, I should be able to make it in plenty of time. I requested some information and will hopefully attend next week. I probably won't understand most of it, but maybe I will be surprised. And maybe I will be able to make friends there as well.

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