Saturday, October 15, 2011

Traveling Solo

I love traveling. I have traveled since I was pretty young. I've been on cruises with my family. I've been to different parts of the United States with family. I went on a ski trip with my church group and a mission trip as well. In 2006 I went to Spain with a school group. And now I am in in Spain again.

When I came here at the end of September I had visions of seeing Europe. During weekends and/or holidays I was planning on going to England, Germany, Italy and France. My plan was to spend Christmas break in Germany. However, all the festivities wrap up around the 23rd of December. So I was thinking about just traveling Europe over break. But something is different this time. Every time before when I have traveled, I was with friends or family. This time I am all alone.

Spain has been very boring. Part of it I think may be my location-- I am in the Southwest part in a small city. I am an hour west of Seville. I am four hours by train (80 euros) or eight hours by bus (25 euros) from Madrid. Here, there isn't a whole lot to see. Without friends, life is generally boring. I actually don't look forward to the weekends; they generally consist of days like today:

Go to bed at 11ish on Friday, sleep until 12 pm on Saturday. Get up and watch a little television and eat lunch. Go to bed for another two hours. Watch a little TV, play on the computer, eat dinner, be bored.

I am still planning on going to England for a long weekend that is coming up. Hopefully I will get to see Stonehenge and some other sights there. But I am reconsidering the traveling during the holidays...well Europe that is.

Vacation starts at 2 p.m. Friday, December 23. It ends on January 6 (but that is a Friday). So if I leave on Friday and return on Friday the 6th, it could get pretty expensive. If I were able to find a hotel in each location I stayed for 50 euros per night, i would spend 700 euros ($960). That does not include transportation to/from destinations or food.

When I looked for round-trip tickets to Arkansas leaving on the 24th and returning on the 6th, it costs about 800 dollars before taxes (so about 1,000 after taxes). If the airline charges a fee I can carry my smaller carry on suitcase and bring back some clothing and items I don't need (saving on the expensive mailing procedures). All that said, I have to make a decision here soon whether I want to stay here in Europe bored for the holiday or just come back to the USA for two weeks.

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