Friday, October 21, 2011


Today has probably been one of my better days in Spain. I understood about half of what was said during a meeting in Spanish. I got to talk to several people in Spanish at school. And after school I had Spanish food for lunch-- Gazpacho.

Yesterday I had passed the restaraunt/cafe by and hoped they would be serving it again another day. Today at school I was talking to another teacher and he asked if I had tried Gazpacho yet. He went further and explained a little bit about how to make it using tomato, salt, garlic and a few other steps and/or ingredients I did not quite understand.

Sure enough the restauraunt still was serving it. So I went in and ordered it and a coke. And of course bread always comes along. The cost: 2.50 Euros. Not too bad! Unfortunately, I didn't carry my camera with me today or I would add a picture to this post. I didn't care a whole lot for it, but at least there was no sick feeling. To me it was just too sour and salty. If I order it again though, I will definately order it in a cup instead of a bowl. I have never had V8, but I imagine they are similar.

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