Wednesday, October 12, 2011


About a week ago I went to the store to buy a few items. On that list were notebooks. I brought one notebook with me to Spain which I intend to use for journaling and vocabulary. So I needed more for school and random notes.

I had been to the store before and seen the paper. So I quickly found it when I went in. I picked up a spiral notebook and a legal pad. Both were graph paper. Eventually there was another customer on the same isle and I asked her, "If you want to write a letter to your friend, is this what you would use?"

She told me she would use that or solid white paper. So I went ahead and bought the graph paper. That is another difference here. To me, using graph paper as lined paper is a little strange but it is normal here. However, I guess I know now why in some of my Spanish classes at Arkansas State the teachers gave us printer paper to write essays on.

As I move further into the job I am realizing I probably should have bought folders and solid white paper and I probably will soon.

A few other notes and updates:
  • I found a website online used for studying called Quizlett. I took a test on 501 Spanish verbs and got a 70%. I don't think I ever made that low on a Spanish test in school before. It is amazing how much I have forgotten in those four months, but hope to regain it plus more soon.
  • I brought my laptop charger into the living room of the appartment and got it back down to 1/3 with the converters. I may be able to start carying it with me to school so that I can work more efficiently during my prep periods. I have some programs the school doesn't and know the keyboard shortcuts in English.

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