Saturday, October 22, 2011


One thing is for sure, I have not suffered any lack of exercise while being in Spain. Today I forced myself to go walking. I had to get myself out of the appartment; staying in the entire weekend last week had me pretty down. So I went to some stores on the edge of town that we pass each day going to and from work. I made it in the sports store, the other store was closed. I didn't look around because they had one of the stupid bag policies and I wasn't about to pay money just to look around a store. My biggest reason for walking though was to see how to walk back from work.

There is bridge from Huelva to Corrales that has a sidewalk and bike path. I knew it was there and knew how to access it from Huelva but not from Corrales. I tried getting there on Thursday but ran out of sidewalk. So I knew I needed to walk it from the other side in order to figure out how to access it from the other side. It is about a three mile walk from one side of the bridge to the school. The good thing is, the bike path leads to a dirt road that ends up right behind the school.
This bridge has a divided section for bikes and pedestrians. It also provided an interesting walk through history with the graffiti.

I walked up the road a little to what I think may be a museum; it is the old Estacion de Ferrocaril. Then I made the journey back to Huelva. When I had first gotten on the bridge I began timing myself; I stopped the timer when I arrived at the school. And when I got to the end of the bridge I started the timer again and headed back to the appartment. In total the walk will take about an hour. The hour it took me this afternoon including stopping for photos a few times. And for the journey back to the apartment I was more tired than I will be on the first trip. The weather was nice and it was a good walk.

A few hours later, after taking a break I went out again. It was about 8:15 or so which is when the city really comes to life. I haven't spent a lot of time out at night yet. I set off toward La Plaza de Monjas, which is one of my favorite areas here in Huelva just because of the atmosphere. The streets aren't made of asphault, there are a lot of stores (even if they don't interest me), a fountain and restaurants. On the way it was dusk and I happend to notice a great photo opportunity.
Iglesia de San Pedro / St. Peter Church
 Before continuing to the Plaza I stopped to take some photos. Once I got into the plaza area I ended up walking around the block. It worked, I ended up at the other side of the plaza at a restaurant I would have otherwise missed. I had fish, fries, salad and bread for dinner. (I have been here a month and not had hard bread yet.) The cost was under 10 euros including my drink (Cola).
Fish, fries and salad

 After dinner I headed back toward the apartment, but not before stopping at the nearby bar about a block and a half away from the apartment, for a beer. I tried the local beer that everyone talks about, CruzCampo. To me, beer is beer is beer. It all tastes the same to me and it isn't good. But that being said, I can go in to a bar, order a beer and sit there for an hour drinking it.

For a beer, a cola and dinner I paid about 8 euros.

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