Friday, September 23, 2011

Appartment and Dinner

To save time, I am writing this one in only English.

I met with the person who was searching for a roomate. Things are a little better after that. He wants an English speaking roomate so he can better learn the language. He is a native Spanish speaker. So hopefully we will be able to help each other out.

After seeing the appartment I went back to the mall. I bought an alarm clock this time so that I can get up in the morning. Ya... the hotel doesn't even have a clock in the room. They charge for all calls including local ones. I paid 15 dollars just for 24 hours of internet which inclues 20 MB of upload -- I haven't uploaded anything and I am already down to 8 MB left, huh? Hopefully it lasts me the rest of tonight and some of tomorrow morning.

After the mall I came back to my room and soon went to eat my first Spanish food. Not that I was hungry, which I still don't know why -- I hadn't eaten in more than 24 hours. I had Langostina envuelta en bacon. Is someone going to tell me that was not little lobster wrapped in bacon? On the side was sliced tomato in olive oil. I had a coke to drink. Cost: 12.20 E but they let me go for 12. People seem to be nice enough, but conversation is still very difficult. I may have some help next week setting up a bank account, getting a telephone and seeing the federal police for my residency documentation.

I should have better internet connectivity when I move in to the appartment on Sunday or Monday.

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