Monday, September 26, 2011

Culture Shock Continues

Hopefully no one read the blog I posted earlier. For me it was around 1 p.m. and I embarassed myself. I was litterally in tears after trying to get my NIE and other important documents. The police sent me in circles around the town trying to find the building. The information the consulate gave me is to go to the police. And they sent me to some other government office who in turn have just confused me more.

Before that I had breakfast and it almost made me sick. I won't lie, I am not a big fan of the breakfast here. It wasn't one of those things that doesn't set well, I just didn't like the taste. After the first quarter was gone I was able to eat most of the rest by force. I ordered COLD milk and was served hot milk. I don't think I will order milk out again--I want to stick to my non-whole milk. At least they brought me a water, which I did not ask for.

I don't particularly want to cook a whole lot. But I may not have a choice-- there aren't a lot of foods like we have in the United States. I am hoping I can at least find boxes of cereal if not pop-tarts for breakfast. But that is a little off subject.

I guess it must be God's will that I be here in Spain. I had bought a ticket home for tomorrow.. I would have been boarding a bus to Madrid in about three hours. But my debit card was rejected. So I am still in Spain, thanks to the encouragement of my roomate and some friends and family.

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