Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Week to Go

It is hard to believe after all of the stress of going through the bureaucracies, Spain is only about a week away. I have been periodically checking the tracking number of an overnight envelope I left with the Consulate of Spain in Houston. Yesterday marked three weeks to the day that I left my papers there in order to get my Visa. They told me it would be three to four weeks; I expected it to be a little later than sooner because of the recent holiday.

My last day at my internship is Friday. That means packing begins this weekend. As soon as I see the visa and all my papers were returned to me tomorrow, I will finally be able to buy my airline ticket. It is down to days now until I pick up and leave everything and everyone (or almost anyway) I know for a year. It is mixed with excitement, nervousness and fear. My first day there will be mostly traveling; I have the option of an eight-hour bus ride from Madrid or paying an extra 150 dollars or so to fly to Sevilla and take a bus ride from there to Huelva. When I get there my first priority is finding a place to live and hopefully a roomate. Then theres the bank account and telephone followed by getting to know the city.

I am glad that things ended up working out and I am able to have a week before the internship begins to figure things out. Once I have internet there I will begin a new blog either here or on wordpress about my experiences there. I may have this for living abroad and another for traveling. I will determine that as I go.

But for now--Celebrate.

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