Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unlikliest of Places

A bar/pub is one of the places you would least expect to learn. But that is where I spent time learning Spanish. I was in my room, bored, reading a book (in English) when my roomate invited me to go to the pub with he and his friends. I was a little hesitant at first-- I don't really care for alcohol and I am not a bar kind of guy. But I decided it was better than being stuck in the appartment all night.

Three of us walked somewhere; as I said I stay lost around here. We ended up at the house of the third person. He drove us to the pub and I recognized (or at least I think) where we were. I hadn't been there before but when I took the wrong turn going to Carrefour I walked on a road below it.

Anyway, there several other people met up. I had a rum and coke (Barcelo con cola) for my first drink. I didn't take much money with me (coin money anyway) and wanted something cheap and ended up buying a beer later on. I still don't care much for that taste. When someone spoke directly to me I generally understood, even if it took two or three times of repeating or rephrasing. Now, when a larger converation was happening, I was far out of the loop. I caught words here and there but didn't understand much. Not that I could hear much with the live music, a band from Australia, playing so close by (like 10 feet).

I had fun. I talked Spanish. And I got ot know the city a little more. The hill on which the bar is located gave a great view of the sunset, the city, the river and Corrales.

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