Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exito - Success

Por fin, he completado algo importante. Solo tome dos dias, pero ahora tengo un telefono. Muchas gracias a Sra. G. Varela-Sanchez quien me recomiendo una compania. Si he hizo corecto, solo pagare para las llamada que yo hace sino las llamada recibire.

Parece que las tardes son mejores que la manana! En un viaje no me gusta la ciudad, en un otro la me gusta. Antes de salir del hotel, pregunte a la trabajadora del hotel si hay un mapa de los autobuses. Parece que autobus son los que salen de la ciudad y no son locales. Hay un mapa en cada parada pero no lo entiendo porque norte no es a la cabeza del mapa.

Voy a comer comida chino a la cena. Debe estar manana que transfiero al piso.

Finally, I have succesfully completed something important. It only took two days, but now I have a pay as you go cell phone here in Spain. Many thanks to Sra. G. Varela-Sanchez who recommended a company to me. If I have done everything right I will only pay for the calls I make and not the calls I receive.

It seems like the evenings are much better than the mornings! In one trip I don't like the city, in another I like it. Before I left the hotel, I asked the desk attendant if there was a map of the bus routes. It seems that "autobus" is the bus that goes outside of the city, not the local bus. There are maps at the stops but North is in the east instead of the top of the map. I haven't been able to orient myself yet, nor do I know where to buy a bus trip card. (Buying a phone was an interesting experience in itself.)

I should be moving in to the piso tomorrow. Tonight I plan to take another walk and maybe walk a litle further than last night. I need to find some way to talk to people so I can practice more.

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